Selection of our projects

AFS - online form generator

Participation in the development of aforms2web's AFS, the leading online form generator in Austria:

  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, Ruby
  • Architecture of the product
  • Build and deployment automation with Ruby
  • Persistance with Hibernate
  • Rails-like Database Migrations with Liquibase
  • Code generation with ERb
  • PDF Generation with iText
  • Implementation of the Digital Signature
  • Developer workshops, presentations, coaching of new developers.

aforms2web's AFS product website

Load optimization software for a service provider in the transport industry

Participation in the development of a load optimization software for a service provider in the transport industry as a subcontractor of Sphinx IT Consulting:

  • Java, Struts, Spring, Hibernate
  • Implementation of the parts of the business logic
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript development
  • Development of a Ruby DSL library for automated browser tests based on Ruby and Watir

Sphinx IT Consulting website

Online population census in Liechtenstein

Architecture and development of the web application framework "AFS Formularmappe" used as the core of the online population census in Liechtenstein 2010, as subcontractor of aforms2web:

  • Java, Tomcat, Spring Framework
  • Use of jQuery to enable progressive enhancements: The application works with and without JavaScript enabled

aforms2web's product website

AFS Webtests Library

Custom webtests library and DSL for integration testing of the aforms2web's AFS web applications and online forms.

The library is based on Ruby, MiniTest and Watir-Webdriver and is installable as a RubyGem.

  • Testing of email confirmation, Ajax calls.
  • The tests can run in headless mode on Linux server - a perfect solution for running browser tests with a continuous integration server.

aforms2web's product website

UBA eVerbringung - Technical lead

Technical lead in the development of UBA eVerbringung as a subcontractor of Anecon:

  • Technical lead of a team of Java developers
  • Architecture of the application
  • Implementation of some of the core features
  • Project infrastructure
  • Coaching of the developers

Umweltbundesamt website
Anecon website

Custom CMS for multilanguage news site

Ruby on Rails 3.2 web application for a custom multilanguage CMS:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Compass, jQuery
  • Responsive layout with Susy
  • Globalize3 for multilanguage support
  • Paperclip for file uploads and image manipulation
  • Markdown for easy text formatting